Healthy Curiosity meets Colorado Inspiration.

It’s what keeps Colorado Gold on our quest for the best.

From the first spirit we released in April 2010, Colorado Gold Distillery has been guided by love, passion and dedication to our craft. We’re here because together, we believe we’re doing something really special.

Owner Peter Caciola leads our team with an incredibly inspiring goal: not just to make spirits that rival the world’s best, but to beat them — and with one part relentless determination plus a healthy shot of Colorado-style fun and fearlessness, we do our best to make it happen. An avid aviator, Peter flies constantly from our Colorado Springs distillery to share what we’re doing with spirits enthusiasts far and wide. His business background has helped us elevate our operations and lift the brand.

Here at our new, 18,000-square-foot facility, Mike Almy is our head distiller and director of production. He’s a Colorado State graduate, whiskey is his passion and he brews award-winning beers for fun. Generations of distilling knowledge fills Mike’s brain, which we’re proud to say he puts to great use here at Colorado Gold every single day.

We’re thrilled to make distinctive spirits for your enjoyment — and we are beyond proud to share our Colorado High Hemp Vodka with you. Cheers!

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